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Best Brand Names you can trust:

Honeywell, GARRISON, LG Electronics, RCA, Whynter, Friedrich, Haier, Shinco, Luma, Frigidaire, Keystone, General Electric, Koldfront, Midea, Pioneer, Avallon, and Whirlpool

You should never shop for Air Conditioners for the Home or Office that are too large for the current cooling job or it will never cool the area correctly and or remove the humidity. The humidity is what makes you feel hot! Same applies to selecting Air Conditioners that are too small. An Air Conditioner that is under sized (too small), will just run and run without being able to remove Humidity correctly and making your electric bill rise! Always play it safe and calculate your cooling requirements. A link is provided below where you can perform a BTU Calculation.

Not sure what size unit you need? Use this Online BTU Calculator